Internet Marketing Scotland

At Web Marketing Glasgow we offer a wide range of internet marketing services across Scotland that will effectively increase the web presence for companies online.

web5The internet marketing services that we can provide are as follows:

  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing


Web Design – We are able to create professional e-commerce and business page websites that will allow any company to promote their services/products online. All of the websites that we build are optimised for mobile so you and others will be able to view your website on a mobile/tablet device without experiencing any issues. Our websites are also made with SEO in mind, this is because there is no point in having a website that has no chance of being found online.

Search Engine Optimisation – By making use of this service we will be able to get you found for specific search terms that relate to your business and the products/services that you do. This is beneficial as it means that more people will be visiting your website which can show an increase in the amount of people who come to you for a product/service.

Pay Per Click – This is a fast way of achieving page 1 rankings on the search engine as you are able to target your pay per click campaigns specifically to the products/services that you offer. It is important that you refine your pay per click campaigns so that you can cut down on clicks from the people who are just searching about in general, we are able to do this for you and can also manage your pay per click campaign for you. The only downside to pay per click is that once your budget runs out your ad will no longer appear on the search engine which is why it is important that you can top up your campaign.

Social Media Management – Social media accounts are completely free, these allow you to market your business at no extra cost. We are able to set up and manage your social media accounts for you and can update your accounts by adding information each month, all that is required from you is the information that you want put on each month.

Email Marketing – By making use of email marketing you will be able to promote the products and services that you offer by sending potential customers an email that tells them about what you can offer. We are able to set up email marketing campaigns and can send anything from 100 emails to 10000, whatever your requirements are.

Our team are highly experienced in providing each of our internet marketing services to companies in Scotland, this means you can expect us to be competent and professional when it comes to providing our services.

We look to build long term, highly valued and trusted relationships with our clients and we firmly believe that it is our dedication, professionalism and results that keep our customers recommending us to other people that they know.

We provide affordable prices to companies in Scotland who are considering coming to us for our internet marketing services however, our prices do vary depending on the service that you are interested in and your requirements. You can expect our team to tell you more about our services and if one of our services interests you then we can put together a package that will outline the cost and what we can do for you.

Call us today to discuss your internet marketing requirements.