Local SEO Glasgow

iStock_000015594185SmallSEO (otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation) is an online marketing technique that is used to improve a companies website’s page rankings on the search engines, ultimately making a website more visible to potential customers in Glasgow.

Tactics are particularly important when it comes to choosing a local SEO company because there are a lot of companies that use tactics and techniques that Google doesn’t like. Unethical tactics are penalised by Google which means that clients who use a local SEO company that uses unethical tactics will see their website falling down the search engines, ultimately costing them more money in the long run. We use ethical tactics that are correctly and effectively applied, these tactics allow us to achieve first page organic listings for multiple keyword searches within a client’s local area.

There is not one fee that fits every website when it comes to providing SEO, this is because every website is different in terms of their competition and the keywords that they want to target. Before we provide a price our SEO team always take the time to study a niche and the keywords that a potential client wants to be found for, a bespoke package is then built to suit the clients needs and if the client is happy to go ahead then we can get started.

The added benefit of using our local SEO company is that we only provide this service for one client per niche, this saves us from competing with ourselves and makes it fairer for our customers. So for example if we already had a plasterer in Glasgow we wouldn’t take on another plasterer in the Glasgow area.

We are able to answer any questions that companies may have about this service, just simply fill out our contact form and one of our SEO team will be on hand to assist soon after.