SEO Consultant Glasgow

iStock_000015594185SmallOf course it is important for you to have a website to promote your services and products on but what is even more important is getting your website found. People in Glasgow who cannot find your website are less likely to go to you for your products/services whereas if your website is at the top of Google you will notice a difference in the amount of people who are coming to you for what you can offer.

We specialise in providing search engine optimisation (also known as SEO) to companies in Glasgow which is a service that can help businesses get their website found on the search engines for the products/services that they do.

We don’t and can’t promise number 1 ranking on the search engines because no-one can predict what the search engine results are going to be. Anyone who says that they can promise number 1 rankings on the search engines aren’t providing the service that they claim to be and are more than likely using unethical methods to get their customers to the top of Google. These methods can lead to a website being penalised and falling down the search engines, causing the customer to lose their money and their rankings.

Although we cannot promise page 1 rankings we are up to date with the latest techniques when it comes to SEO and we do have a proven track record for getting our customers in a range of different niches ranking on the first page for both localĀ and nationalĀ search terms.

When you come to our SEO consultant to talk to them about this service you can expect us to talk to you about your niche, how competitive it is and the different keywords that you want to be found for. Our SEO consultant will then do some research to find out how competitive your niche and the keywords are that you want to target and will put together a package that is based on what your website needs. At this point our SEO consultant will also take into account your budget.

If you decide to go ahead using our company then we will be able to get started on optimising your website and will be able to produce high quality content for your website, build links for your website and carry out other offsite and onsite optimisation techniques.

If you are in Glasgow and would like to find out more about this service then all you have to do is give us a call and our SEO consultant will then be able to tell you more about this service and answer any questions that you may have.